Meghan Scott

Sucel is excellent at her job and she is passionate about her clients. I can't recommend her highly enough! 


I have been going to this place for a couple of months now because a friend referral, for laser hair removal.After my initial treatment a great amount of hair was completely gone. The laser itself has a cooling property which makes it pretty bearable even when set at high temperatures. It has proved to be highly effective in removing hair fully.

Sucel, the lady that has been doing my treatments, is super nice and attentive. Her customer skills are superb and she has gone far beyond my expectations in terms of flexibility and also in making me feel comfortable during treatments.She always takes her time and I never feel like she's in a rush during my appointments.

I highly recommend this place for anyone who values great customer service who wants guaranteed results for hair removal.

Petrona C.

I love Laser Lounge. I have been going since they opened. I receive their laser hair removal services and the results are the best I have ever had. The Cutera machine used is giving me the exact results I was looking for in less time then I anticipated.
As a black woman hear a lot about laser hair removal on dark skin tones and that it may not work. I can tell you that this machine works excellent. On top of that the customer service is top notch. You can really tell that my concerns are listned too and addressed. After having a first treatment I received a follow up call to make
sure everything was going well and all my questions were answered. Sucel really tailors your treatments to fit you as an individual and that's why I will not go anywhere else. 

William H.

I am a regular guy, i am a firefighter in Toronto and i wanted to get laser hair removal for a long time. 1 friend of mine referred me to this company and i decided to call and make and appointment, i got a very good deal for a package of almost full body laser so i took it. I am really happy about the results and i recommend The Laser Lounge for anybody to try it, especially for guys like me as i feel i have more confidence in myself... I was hesitant for a long time, i wish i knew about this place before. The technician was very professional and the machine is safe for this treatment. The location is convenient also as i live close to the subway line and this way i avoided driving in the city.

Lucky S

My experience with the the Cutera Coolglide  has been phenomenal!!! My results have been exactly what i wanted. The machine is amazing but Sucel is one of the best technicians in the industry! Worth every penny:)

Luis M

This was my first laser treatment. When I went in the treatment room, it was very beautiful and comfortable to be in.

The technician was very professional and answered all my questions.The treatment was very comfortable and the technician was very attentive during the procedure.

The results from the treatment are amazing. The service is excellent and  I will recommend to all my friends to go to The Laser Lounge.



I just finished my second session and I must say this is definitely an amazing deal! Sucel is AMAZING! Very thorough and effective. After my 1st session, approx 80% of the hair in the area did not grow back. I also did not experience any burns or blisters. I have never done laser hair removal before but she made sure to make it a comfortable experience. I'm so glad I purchased it.

Kirsten K

I rarely write reviews however, the results were absolutely superb that I couldn't resist. Just after ONE session I saw great results on my legs. I have visited other LHR places, but this, by far, is the best!
The cherry on top is the service. Sucel is both wonderful and very kind
I highly recommend this place and am very happy that there's little to no maintenance :)

Samaneh S

I have used Sucel's laser hair removal for a few sessions and I am  very happy with the results. My coarse hair is completely gone already and I have not yet finished the treatment. She is very meticulous and does not sacrifice the quality of her work or what she uses. Even though I had other laser treatments before I must say that Sucel offers an incredible service. She cares about satisfaction of her clients. She is clean and works thoroughly. She is flexible to work around my schedule and offers amazing   recommendation. It feels so good to be smooth. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a smooth look and cares about getting a great service. Thanks Sucel for your excellent work.

Juanita K

If I had to describe this place in one word, it would be MAGICAL. When I first started coming to see Sucel, my skin was in rough shape.  But even after my first treatment, I noticed an incredible difference in my skin.  Five months later, I have received more complements about my complexion than I have in my whole life and I know that it is because of Sucel and the magic she does at Laser Lounge. 

One of my favorite parts of Sucel is that she really takes the time to get to know each and every client. Every time I go to Laser Lounge,  she takes the time to understand what my needs are and makes sure that the treatments are customized to what is best for my skin. 

I will be forever grateful to The Laser Lounge for the magic that it has done on my skin. I can't recommend this place HIGHLY ENOUGH. If there were ten stars, I would give Laser Lounge ALL TEN OF THEM!

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